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Head out on a Spencer Adventure

Journey back 450 million years on a Niagara Escarpment wander that will take you from the last ice age when the melting, mile-high glaciers began to carve out the Escarpment, to the era when the area’s earliest settlers built dams and mills here. The Spencer Adventure is a one-day self-guided hike that follows Spencer Creek and showcases waterfalls, historic dams and mills as well as scenic Escarpment views and vistas.
If you’d be more comfortable with an experienced guide leading the way, consider our Bruce Trail Waterfall Walks. These two-day and five-day guided hikes showcase the Niagara’ Escarpment’s waterfalls, scenic vistas, Carolinian forests and natural beauty. Off the trails, you’ll enjoy outstanding local cuisine and overnight accommodations in the area’s best hotels. Dates for the two-day trip for 2015 are May 15-17, May 29- May 31, June 12-14, July 10-12, August 21-23, September 14-16, October 2-4 and October 16-18, Dates for the five-day trip for 2015 are May 15-19, June 15-19, September 14-19 and October 5-9.

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