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Sure-fire bets for Family Fun: The Outdoor Edition

We’re not the only fans of getting outside and enjoying winter in Hamilton Halton Brant. Here is a collection of experiences that our friends at Expedia.ca have compiled for your next day of frosty fun in our region.

Outdoor Winter Fun in Hamilton Halton Brant

There are snowflakes dancing through the air and the end of your nose is numb with chill. It’s unmistakable: winter has arrived in Ontario. You could fight against the changing of the seasons and bundle up indoors with copious amounts of hot cider. Or, you could embrace the frozen atmosphere. We recommend you find a winter sport you enjoy and make the most of the snow-covered landscape in the Hamilton Halton Brant area. Expedia.ca has put together a list of winter activities for snow bunnies of all kinds, from people seeking a serene escape to adventurers chasing their next thrill. 
Click into Cross Country Skis
You don’t have to be skilled at balancing your way down a steep slope to spend some time poised atop a set of skis. Cross country skiing means slowly drifting over packed snow at your own pace, stopping to smell the pinecones whenever you want. And at conservation areas such as Hilton Falls and the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail, there are more than 10 km of trails for you to explore. Just remember to bundle up and stretch before you begin—even if you move at a leisurely pace, you’ll still be getting a work out!
Take a Downhill Skiing Adventure
If you’re ready to feel the whoosh of wind cutting past your face as you zip down a snow covered incline, rent some skis and grab a lift ticket. Glen Eden, Halton’s own ski slope, is an excellent place to excite your senses. Once you snap into your skis you’re ready to conquer trails on the Niagara Escarpment. Glen Eden offers lessons for newbie skiers, and snowboarders are also welcome to explore some of the runs.
Go Ice Climbing
Just because the region’s cliffs are frozen over doesn’t mean the climbing season has expired. You can still hook into the side of the Niagara Escarpment, shimmying your way up the side of local crags. Once rushing water has taken its frozen form, climbing it means an adrenaline rush and new challenge. Ice climbing is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. If you’re not a seasoned climber, sign up for a guided excursion and earn your stripes before you go it alone.
Practice Your Ice Skating Skills
Strap on those skates and show everyone your best crossovers. At venues such as the Pier 8 Hamilton Waterfront Outdoor Rink and Harmony Square in Brantford, skaters of all skill levels can perfect their favorite tricks. Of course, if you’re just lucky to stay upright, no one will judge you.

The Hamilton Halton Brant region is a bevy of winter activities. Instead of hibernating until the first spring bloom, get out there and play!

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